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Creative ways to grow your maintenance business

Posted by Nick Martin on 3/30/17 10:53 PM

Print advertisements, lead generator websites and radio commercials — you’ve been there, done that, maybe even printed a T-shirt with your logo on it. And while traditional marketing techniques are definitely valuable, sometimes mixing it up can bring a new energy and new customers to your business. If you’re ready to add some spice to your company life, try some of these more non-traditional marketing techniques to grow your company.

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Tax season tips for your contracting company

Posted by Nick Martin on 3/29/17 10:34 AM

The tax deadline for 2017 is right around the corner, and no amount of free coffee and donuts makes filing taxes any less taxing. (But you should enjoy the freebies anyway!) Let’s face it –filing business taxes is never going to be a walk in the park. However, these tips for preparing for tax season can help simplify the process.

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Top tech solutions to improve maintenance efficiency and productivity

Posted by Nick Martin on 3/14/17 11:57 PM

Modern technology improves productivity and efficiency in nearly every field. Just as the internet, email and smartphones revolutionized society, new technologies are quickly changing the way companies do business. To remain competitive, you need to get on board. While technology often comes with startup costs, the initial investment quickly turns to profit. Key into these technology solutions to boost your business efficiency in 2017 and beyond.

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5 easy ways to generate more maintenance leads

Posted by Nick Martin on 3/10/17 10:00 AM

Looking for more work opportunities for your HVAC, plumbing or snow removal company? Word of mouth, print advertising and cold calling can only get you so far. If you’re looking for effective, low-cost ways to generate more business, look no further than your digital presence. 

Sales patterns have changed. According to a webcast by SiriusDecisions titled “The Marketing Organization in 2017,” 67 percent of the buyer’s journey now takes place digitally. This means that your company’s digital presence is more important than ever; it is a living breathing advertisement for your brand that should be taken seriously. Read below to make sure you are doing everything you can to generate leads for your maintenance business.

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How preventive maintenance pays off for you and your clients

Posted by Nick Martin on 1/14/17 6:00 AM


Preventative maintenance keeps things running smoothly. Whether it’s an annual health check-up for our personal health or regular oil changes for our cars, the key to avoiding major issues is routine care. Applying the same logic to HVAC, plumbing and other expensive systems has proven to have significant financial benefits for businesses and homeowners. But what are the benefits of offering a preventative maintenance program if you are a maintenance contractor? Learn how preventive maintenance pays off for you and your clients below.

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